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STANDARD CORPORATION INDIA LIMITED based in Barnala, Punjab (INDIA) .Since inception in 1975 the company started manufacturing of Harvesters and the sibling company subsequently started manufacturing of Standard Tractors and was registered in 1990. Standard Tractors was initially started under collaboration between the company and ZETOR (Czech manufacturer based in Brno Líšeň). Self-propelled combine manufacturing was started in 1982 followed by Hydraulic Mobile Cranes in 2005. STANDARD Paddy Straw Chopper Cum Spreader was registered in 2016. During last many years we have made enormous progress by growing from small production company to one of the leading manufacturer of Harvesters i.e. (Self-propelled, Tractor Driven) Tractors (35HP-75HP), Hydraulic Mobile Crane(9T-20T) and Straw Chopper with wide range of models and other agricultural implements. It is our responsibility to provide our customers with outstanding products and support, meeting their expectations. Extensive and diverse production capabilities allow us to service customer needs to guarantee quick response and delivery. We believe our first responsibility is to the customer and the quality products and quality service is the only thing company truly has to offer for complete customer satisfaction. We are dedicated towards the customers to get 100% satisfaction .The relation between the company and its customers/suppliers are mutually cordial and co-operative. Our company effectively adopts the changing environment, meeting the highest quality standards, through trained professionals. The company’s total commitment to quality guarantees excellent products and total customer satisfaction. We strive continuously to upgrade and maintain high standards of quality keeping in pace with international standards and technology.

Today our products have created a position all across the globe. This is why our satisfied customers are present in countries like Canada, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Algeria, Namibia, Zambia, Nigeria, Iraq and Senegal.

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